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Hi All,
I am new here.

 I have been scanning and freediving/scuba in the Columbia River since 2012.  Recently our local volunteer dive and recovery team went out to a local reservoir to search for a drowned man. 200acre reservoir and the witnesses were all over the place as to last-seen locale.  After 150 man hours spent they called it.

I decided to give my HB 898csi a try. I figured it couldn't be that hard to find a body in a mud reservoir where the average depth was 25 feet. I spent 6 hours running north-south and east-west patterns. Targets, but nothing I felt good about.
It inspired me to go home and read my HB 898 manual. I had been missing the 800khz the whole time. the sheriff boat and I were using 455 SI and not getting anything obvious.
I went back a few days later turned on the 800khz SI and found the guy within 10 minutes. 
After locating the body I scanned it several times and found that it only read as a body when scanned down its length,  Cross scanning just looked like a rock or a stump.  In this case the body's head ended up facing the same direction that he was swimming... Not sure if that was just luck. 

I didn't want to have the dive team re-deploy on a Saturday (more than 1 hr drive) so I  dove down and tied a buoyed rope around his chest then called the sheriff.  They had state police come out and we were able to recover him at the boat.

Since this adventure, I have read through the manual so many more times. Also, I was surprised to find out that there are new features in upgraded software.

the cause of the accident was Super cold water, the first nice day of the year, young people, and alcohol.

it's nice to see what old unit can do...good job

Hi Chaika
Welcome to the forum :)
Thank you for sharing the pictures with us, more proof of what even the older HB-Units can do.



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