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Title: Waypoints
Post by: Rocketman783 on September 18, 2009, 02:00:17 PM
I have marked waypoints on the water, edited them on Humminbird PC, and uploaded them to my units. Now for the question. Lets say I go out and mark some more places with my units. I then download them to my SD card and take the card to my computer. When I open Humminbird PC and I download the SD card, will I get duplicates on the PC program, since it seem to save my last waypoints, or does the program replace the old data with the uploaded material? Or would I delete the material on the PC program before I upload the new waypoints. If so how do I delete the waypoints in Humminbird PC. It would be nice to have a detailed explanation of how to use Humminbird PC.
Title: Re: Waypoints
Post by: Humminbird_Greg on September 21, 2009, 01:11:10 PM
If you were to save the Nav Data from your Humminbird to the SD card and load them into HumminbirdPC it will treat it as a separate file or group of data.  Try it using the Point of Sale Simulator (power cable only attached) by saving some waypoints and exporting them to the SD card.  When you download them in Humminbird PC you will notice that they will come up in a different file on the left side of the screen.

Now if you were to make changes to these same waypoints, upload them back to the SD card (replacing the data on the SD card), than load them into your Humminbird unit you will have duplicate waypoints.  In my opinion; the best way to handle this would be to export the Nav Data to the SD card, save it in HumminbirdPC (with some sort of date code in the file name like Eufaula_09.21.09.gpx), go back and Delete All Nav Data from your Humminbird unit, make the changes you want to the Nav Data now in HumminbirdPC, than upload it back to the SD card (replacing the data that is there) and loading the SD card back into your Humminbird where only the data you loaded onto the SD will be on your Humminbird unit.

Some folks here are working on some videos and such that will help with HumminbirdPC and some of the menu features in the unit.

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