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--- Quote from: Colorado #5 on April 13, 2018, 09:24:07 AM ---Until I can get my simulator up and running I'll have to take your word for it Rickie.  You did lose me about four folders into it lol... But sounds like you have to kind of keep the same file structure in order for it all to work right.  I do get what you're saying about a consistent naming and file structure for the future. 

--- End quote ---

The important thing to remember is that the SNAPSHOTS folder and the RECORD folder (and everything within) must be kept in tact for those features to be used in the HB unit in the future  ...

I created a new folder for each of my recordings by date and descriptive lake area name  ...and then simply copy and pasted the entire RECORD folder from the SD card directly into the newly created folder  ...

Same for the SNAPSHOTS folder copy and pasted into a newly created folder by date and descriptive lake area name  ...



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