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Piranhamax 4 DI quesion


Hi all

Today I bought a basic 2D version of this finder just to use on an inflatable.
I also have an old 597di unit and noticed when thimbing through the piranhamax manual just now that the DI version uses the same transducer as my old DI unit, the XNT 9 DI T

Does anyone know if I can use this DI transducer on my new 2D head unit?  Are the piranhamax 2d and DI head units the same?

Hope that makes sense


The Sonar unit cannot be updated to a DI unit by simply changing the xducer  ...

There is no DI transmitter in the basic Sonar unit  ...


Ok thanks Rickie

Thought it might be worth a try as I have a spare DI ducer.

What I didnt mention is my DI unit is 5000 miles away at the moment hence me asking and not trying it for myself.


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