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GPS Wiring - 797C2 SI and AS GR16

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I bought my first boat on Sunday.  So, naturally, the troubleshooting has already started.  I'm new to HB and SI, so I'm open to all feedback you might have!  If I'm using the wrong jargon or running in the wrong direction, let me know.

Here's what I'm working with:
Head unit = 797c2 SI
External GPS = AS GR16
Transducer = XNT 9 SI 180 T

Here's my issue:  The previous owner damaged the connector on the end of the cable from the AS GR16 to the head unit.  After damaging the connector, he cut it off.  Now I have an AS GR16 cable running to my head unit, but no connector on the end to make the connection.

Here's what I think I might be able to do to fix it:  Can I buy the y-cable (AS YC), cut one of the male connectors off, wire the cable from the AS GR16 to the leg of the AS YC, and connect the AS YC to the head unit?

Will this work?  If no, is there another solution or do I need to buy a new GPS Antenna?  If yes, will the wiring colors match?

Any/all feedback is more than welcome! 


You can wire a new end on the GPS you have, but you need to be careful as to what cable you try to get your new plug from. Not all cables have all of the pins wired, depending on what is intended to be connected. I know that I have used the wye cables (the ones that come with the GPS units and are intended for splitting out the accessories connections) to make adapters to connect the Humminbird GPS units to my computer. If you do not mind having the extra pigtail hanging off, those will work fine. Otherwise a GPS extension cable would also be a good option.

What part of the country are you in? I may have a couple of those with the GPS connection plug cut off that would suit your needs. If so you are welcome to one.



Thanks for the reply.  I'm located in Corpus Christi, TX. 

I was reading the 797c2 SI manual and it mentioned a GPS extension cable, but I was not able to find one on the HB website.  What's the part number?  Which pins are wired on the original plug for the GPS antenna? 

Again, thank you!

The NMEA COM leg of the AS YC (smaller of the 2 wires) has the correct wire colors to match the wire colors in the GPS cable ...

The only difference I could find when I cut the end off the AS YC and opened my AS GPS HS antenna is the ground is bare wire in the AS YC ... and the ground in my model AS GPS HS antenna is black ...

The pinout for the AS GR16 shows ground as bare (like in the AS YC) ...


If using the AS YC for splicing onto an external GPS puck - it may be a good idea to break the center pins (#3 pin and #4 pin) off ...  as these 2 pins are the yellow and orange wires that go to the ASSY COM leg of the AS YC...and are not needed anyway for the external GPS antenna ...

And another note to consider ...:
The power pin (pin #1) is shared into the ASSY COM leg of the AS YC ... So be aware of this if the connector on ASSY COM leg is removed ...


Rickie, that's exactly what I needed.  Thank you SO MUCH for helping me out.



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