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597ci HD DI Older Software Versions


I recently upgraded the software on a 597ci HD DI from the factory version of 6.090 to 7.120.  I reset the settings to default before the upgrade but it is having issues with sonar now.

For testing I hooked another 597ci HD DI running original software (version 6.090) to the same transducer and it is working fine.  I am emailed support but was told downgrading software was not supported.  I would still like to downgrade the software back to the original version that was working if possible.

Since I could not get the update from humminbird I was wondering if anyone here had any old software preferably 6.090 for a 597ci HD DI unit.


Bob B:
I don't have that model ..... if it the 6.090 was the release that came with the unit, it may be hard to find .... Maybe someone on here will have it.

Can you give us some more info about the problem and maybe some screen shots?


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