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Model:  ALL SI ModelsSuggested Upgrade:  Provide Side Imaging Mosaic "Live" like competitionExplanation:  It would be nice if Humminbird would make the Side Imaging Mosaic capability available "Live" on the water instead of having to purchase the AutoChart Pro for an additional $250. Humminbird's competition (Lowrance) provides this for their customers so it can be done live out on the water for free. Because Humminbird customer service has told me they are not familiar with Lowrance products I am providing a link to a video of Lowrances Structuremap being used. It shows it being saved so it can be used as a chart like a Navionics or Lakemaster chip could be used.

Also, the following comparison on models with similar features makes it seems like it would be a good business decision to include Side Imaging Mosaic as a Live feature.
HELIX 7 CHIRP SI GPS G2N $800 plus AUTOCHART PRO $250 = $1,050

Lowrance Elite-7 Ti Medium/High Sonar/GPS Combo w/Total Scan Transducer $800 (I believe the part # is 000-12419-001)
Lowrance Elite-9 Ti Medium/High Sonar/GPS Combo w/Total Scan Transducer $1,000 (I believe the part # is 000-13274-001)
(No separate software needed)Added in Software Version:  Comments on Update: 

I never purchased a Humminbird because of this. I just used my dads sonar on his boat but he has sold it now. Does anybody know if this has been addressed in the new units? I was waiting for HB to come out with it on the Helix, but I have not seen anything about it. It's really kind of surprising to me that you don't even hear about this feature. Anybody I have personally talked to about this also thought it was a cool feature that HB should be doing since Lowrance's competitive units had it. It's amazing Humminbird acts like they don't even have it at all. I never even hear about Autochart Pro.

At this point I'm guessing it's falling on deaf ears and HB will never do anything with this feature on any more units or even talk about having it as a feature on their website, but I thought I would bump this up and ask if it ever made it onto any of the Helix's.

I would also be interested.



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