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humminbird 859 ci hd reading problem

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it will lose depth in the numbers of feet but will show rts window readings all the time..example.. reading will show 3 ft but the rts window will show correctly at 7.5 ft...when at idle both will read correctly..thanks

Maybe settings are all jacked up?
Try resetting defaults  - also if using 200/83KHz - try 200 KHz and turning sens. down a bit.

thanks sfw 1960..I will give a try and restore defaults..

Also SwitchFire clear if in under 20FOW may help....

Let us know~

sfw1960..tried restoring defaults..switchfire to clear..under 20 ft. set at 200khz..did not get it.. although I think it help a little..seems not to lose the reading as much as it did..both still work at idle..rts window is a little more  diffcult to see now.. :'(


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