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--- Quote from: flamesay on June 30, 2016, 07:01:47 PM ---I inserted waypoints using the software, I tried turning on the matrix and then insert the card and does not show me any message or option.  ???

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I think I'm understanding that the unit was powered on ...and then the SD Card was inserted ...

Try inserting the SD Card and then power on the unit ...


I tried both options and it doesn't work. I have firmware version 2.450

Are you using a SD Card or a SDHC card ...??

That old of software would need to use a SD Card ... Not a SDHC ...

Software to enable reading the SDHC type SD Cards was not until much later than your version ...


I'm using a 32mb SD card, which have the charts.

Would be possible to upgrade by sd card? maybe the problem?

I think there was a max size SD Card needed for units running older software ...

Can you find a regular SD Card (not SDHC) in 8gb or less ... ??



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