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Matrix 97 Software Upgrade and Waypoint Management


I recently purchased a new to me Matrix 97 from a friend. It currently has software version 3.200. I have registered the unit on Humminbird.com and downloaded the latest software which is version 4.750. Can I update from the old version right to 4.750? I'm sure there were many software updates between 3.200 and 4.750, just want to make sure I can make the jump without any issues. Also, I can do this by SD card, correct? I do not have the PC cable so updating by SD card would be ideal.

My next question is in regards to waypoint management. I know my unit currently does not have this function, at least I did not see it, but will I get this function with the 4.750 update? I want to be able to save all waypoints, tracks and routes directly from the unit to my SD card. Is this possible with the Matrix 97, or will I need the PC cable to do this? I already have the HumminbirdPC software downloaded to my laptop, so I'm ready to go. Just need to figure out how to get my waypoints from the unit itself to my PC.

Thanks in advance for any help!!!!

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