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Helix 5 Settings Save on Exit


I just got a Helix5 SI and updated the sostware to 7.30 today.
My question is how do you save your settings once you input them into the unit? When I first tuned on the unit and changed the settings they would not save after turning unit off. I updated and it still does not save the settings. I do not want to have to set the settings every time I go out.
Any help to solve this issue is appreciated.

Bob B:
The unit must be operating in forced simulator mode or normal mode (not demo mode).... and make sure the unit is shut off with the power button...not with an external power switch.

Thanks. I figured it out after rebooting and holding the menu button at start up to select the normal mode. I had not hooked up the transducer as I was testing to make sure it worked.

Bob B:
glad you figured it out.

You should disable the Demo Simulator under the Setup tab ... 



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