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I'm Jim...ordered the 899ci si di and it should be in today or tomorrow.
I've had a lowrance 4 for a couple years but never have been very good with it.
I'm hoping to become proficient with this fish finder.
I've been trolling all over the Internet for info on this unit and trying to understand si and di.
I'm sure I'll have questions, but for now I'll just keep reading...thanks for allowing me into the forum!

Welcome aboard Jim.  You are going to really enjoy your new toy.  I picked up my first Humminbird Side Imaging a few years ago and it took me a couple of years to figure out how to use it.  I found this sit a couple of years ago and there are people on here that can answer just about any question that you throw at them.  There are some great U-Tube videos out there that will help you also.  Once you get the feel of your unit you will really become a better fisherman.  Spend the time to watch the videos regardless if they are for another brand unit and don't be afraid to ask questions for what you don't understand.  It takes time to really get to understand everything that your unit can do and when you do, you will be ready to upgrade. :) :) :)
Good luck and have fun.

Bob B:
Look for Doug Vahrenberg's YouTube channel.....Jason Halfen also has some great video's on his web site.....Pickwick Marine is starting do do some very good videos.

Set up a power source in the house, watch videos .... and when you get on the water spend a lot of time just learning the electronics.

And turn that Chart Speed down on SI from its default 5 to match your boat speed ...

This gives the best ratio of bottom Scan to display plotting of SI imaging data ...

Speed up the Chart Speed 1 or 2 from boat speed if you want to "stretch out" the fish echoes ... Sometimes it makes the white fish echoes easier to see ...but also will stretch the bottom detail to look like a blur ...



   One of the most important issues that you need to get correct is the installation of the unit on your boat, especially the transducer.

   You'll see some good guidance as you read through the post. Need help... ask.  Welcome to the site.



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