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Hello everyone. I have a 981c and i mounted the transducer on the back of the boat. the fact is, i would really like to have a 2nd transducer on the foot of my trolling motor for seeing down in deep water. Can you please tell me the right code for the trolling motor version of the transducer? And, in case everything i find is too expensive, can you please tell me if there is another cheaper model that will fit? side imaging is not as important for this kind of use. thanks a lot in advance

Your 981c SI came stock with the XHS 9 HDSI 160 T ...which is no longer made ... 

I don't think HB even made a trolling motor puck of this version SI ... Although they do offer a trolling motor adapter that might work if you could find another XHS 9 HDSI 160 T ...

I can't find a 50kHz/200kHz in a trolling motor puck ... But there is this transom mount ...

And the trolling motor adapter for XNT xducers ...

You might call HB to verify for sure ...

1-800-633-1468 toll free



thanks a lot!
will the plug of XNT 9 DB 74 T fit my unit?
i was thinking i could attach both transducer to a selector... what do you think?
thanks a lot again

It should be the same 7pin "house shaped" connector used in your 981 ...

HB offers this option for connecting 2 xducers to 1 head unit ...

I urge you to contact HB to make sure this xducer option will work with your 981 SI ...because the XNT 9 DB 74 T is actually not listed in the "compatibility section" of that xducer on the HB website ...


OK thanks a lot


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