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unit doesn't work properly after about 95 ft

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Hi all,
My unit is 797C2 SI combo, firmware 5.450
I recently took the boat to the ocean. Everything worked fine until about 95FT. The unit shown depth reading at 1ft and nothing else was working properly. When I took the boat back to around 80 ft and the unit started working normal again.
Contacted tech support while having trouble in the ocean, they walked me through all the settings and didn't resolve.
Replaced the power cable with a brand new one, bought a new battery just dedicated for the unit. Power is out of the question.
Upgraded firmware to 5.450 latest.
What else should I replace? I am thinking about buying a new transducer.
Any suggestion is appreciated.

These units are not designed for the ocean (even though they state they'll go very deep).
They are mainly used for shallow water Bass fishing.
They're have been a few complaints when trying to use Humminbird's in deep water.
If you want something proven for the ocean, maybe look at a Furuno.
The new models (Onix), may be capable of using in deep water.

It should still read waaaaaay past 80' though. Cmon. Ther is something wrong. Return it.

Landry that is an old unit. Not sure it would be worth repairing. He needs to borrow somebody's spare transducer before he pays for a reworked unit. Bob

Thanks for your feedback.
I decided to buy a new transducer. I will try it this Sunday and let you know.
Humminbird XNT 9 SI 180 T Transom Mount Transducer

Could you confirm that this unit is a 'dualbeam"?


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