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 Hi my name is David and live in East LA (Eastern Lower Alabama). I'm primarily fish for crappie in some private lakes near Troy AL where I live. I have a Helix 7 SI on order and had hope to start fishing with it shortly but it looks like I'm headed to a knee replacement so fall fishing will probably be out. What I've seen on the forum so far looks great with a lot of info. I hope to learn a lot about SI and in the future will probably have a lot of questions. 
  Thanks for letting me join!

Bob B:
Welcome aboard and thank you for your service...... If you survived flying a helicopter over there, learning to operate the Helix will be a piece of cake!!

You would think but the Huey's of that era had zero computers, gps didn't exist and we flew strictly by maps and co-ordinates! I'm not very computer literate :-)))))

Welcome Dave ... I'm here also ...(and a few other forums) ... 


Thanks for the welcome!


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