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Navionics vs. Lakemaster charts


Hello all,,Just joined this place the other day,,,any way,,Bought a 998 c-si,,and I want to get some info here,,,Will the Map create 7 with the LEI card reader writer,,download the new upgrade from Humminbird and put it in the 998 correctly?....Also I am going to get(yall tell me),,,Navtronics,,or Lakemaster,,Lake Maps,,,Have any one here loaded both brands in there unit and looked at slot 1 ..vs,,slot cadr,,and see the difference,,Live in S.C.,,,lake maps so far I want the best yall,,,,THX,,Breeze


Welcome a board, you will find that there is a lot of folks here that will jump in to help where ever they can.   First off I see you are from South Carolina, if correct then Lakemaster Charts are not available for your area (as far as I know).  Lakemaster makes charts for N & S Dakota, Minn, Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana and Ohio.  So if correct your only option is Navionics, both have great products.

I am not sure about the other stuff you are asking about, accept that you cannot modify Navionics charts and aside from what has been preloaded on your unit only Navionics' charts will work.  But then again, if wrong someone will correct me.

Not sure what you are looking for  but Antonline has Navionics Hotmaps Lake Maps East On Sd/Micro Sd for $99.86 plus $7.98 shipping.  Yolu may want to check with them to onsut it is a 2010 card.



the lowrance/lei maps using the lowrance map create program should not work on any but the lowrance units.  I tried to load on the 1197 some time back and nothing happened.  I guess it is for lowrance only.  chuck


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