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HYPAC and Trimble


Has anyone used the AS DUAL NMEA from the ONIX 10ci to output the depth data into a pc running HYPACK; for the sounding data?
Also I am using a Trimble R8 antenna for my GPS input; also connected via the AS Dual MNEA cable. My hope is to get the data from the antenna to split or output at two ports, also to inform HYPAC.
I have the pin /wiring schematics for all wiring and am just seeing if there is any experience out there.
The goal is to use the R* to get survey grade accuracy over the sounder to collect bathymetry at the same time as collecting side-scan images. I will then return to the area on low tide or low flow (river application) to get ground shots on highly recognizable features such as pilings, logs, rocks, etc to calibrate the images. The Bathymetry could be used to “assign” elevations to the shading for a digital elevation model of the underwater images. 


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