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I am going to start a post of current and previous firmware updates for the Humminbird SI units.  No modified bin files will be accepted or posted.

"It is Humminbird’s recommendation that you always use the most recent version of software available for your model.  We update software for various reasons.  Fixing minor bugs, adding new features, changing functionality of existing features.  We do this for the benefit of the consumer who uses our products. 
However there are individuals who believe that there are benefits to using lower versions of software than what we are currently loading on production units.    On products built today, you cannot go back any further than version 5.600.  There were hardware changes made at this time which will not allow you to go back further without “bricking” your unit. 
At the same time, it is also possible to “brick” a unit going back only one previous release if the unit firmware becomes corrupt or the hardware is damaged during this process.  ‘Bricking” a unit IS NOT covered under warranty.  However, if you successfully go back a version of software and your unit operates properly after the downgrade but later has workmanship issues unrelated to software, these repairs would be covered under warranty during the standard warranty period.  Humminbird charges the standard repair fee if resolving “bricking” issues. 
PLEASE NOTE:  There are several situations which can cause issues if you are not running the most recent version of software.  Unit Networking is software version sensitive.  Sharing waypoints between units is software version sensitive.      If you are not networking products then the risk of running lower versions is minimized .    Again version 5.600 is definitely a line in the sand which cannot be crossed."

Download to your computer and use the HumminbirdPC program to upload your unit. You may also copy the uploaded software to an MMC/SD card and then insert that card into your unit to update its code. CAUTION! We highly recommend that you restore the defaults on your Humminbird unit prior to downloading any new software as it can create complications that can only be fixed at the factory. Please backup all Navigation data, waypoints, routes, and tracks.  If there is an unrecoverable failure and the unit has to be shipped back to Humminbird, all navigation data will be lost if the memory chip has to be replaced.

NOTE:  These are both US and International versions.  They will not give a U.S. version unit the ability to display in meters.

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