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what is the first huminbird model unit who is able to record the side img video


My goal is to record the Side imaging video
and to view it latter ?

So what is the best / cheapest  unit for this ?
Like to record about 2 hours, is there a limit recording time , or only size of the SD card ?

thank you

You can make a Sonar Recording with any of the Side Imaging model units.  So the one with the smallest display size will typically be the cheapest.  Currently I think that would be the HELIX 5 SI-GPS but you should check with a dealer to be sure.  You could use a used Si unit from someone else or maybe find an older out of production model as well.

Recording time is limited by the capacity of the memory card used.  The larger the memory card's capacity, the more hours you can record to it.  It is recommended that you keep your recordings short though (~30 minutes) so in case there is a problem with that recording it does not spoil hours of work.  It also makes it easier to move through and manage the recordings so you are not stuck looking at endless hours of recordings that don;t have anything of interest in them.


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