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Ledges, Creek Channels etc



I'm patiently waiting on my new units to arrive. Doubt they will get here for my first trip out but that's ok, going to Guntersville and know the area.

So while I am patiently waiting, my mind is wondering. Hope someone can help.

Does anyone have SI snapshots of creek or river channels say 10 feet off the ledge, maybe 20-25 feet of water rising up to 8-10' flats?

There's a couple of areas that I frequent and just wonder what I might be able to see with this new technology.

I'm also curious how this would show up on DI if both elevations are within the range of the DI algorithms. 

In the old days with my dad, you'd get two returns on the flasher. One showing the dropoff and one showing the edge.  Not sure what to expect with this technology.

Thanks for any info.

This isnt the depth that you asked for but it has a lot in it.

Thanks Soretoe.  ( do you really have a sore toe?)

Was your 2d set to narrow or wide?

Also, do you think you see much going up those ledges?  Looks pretty bright once it gets over the drop off, but not so much going up the incline.

Sometimes my interest is something hanging around on the drop off itself.

Actually my "soretoe" came from when someone dropped a 300 pound panel on my foot and broke my big toe on the left foot. Yes I actually have a sore toe now.

If you look closly at that picture, on the right side there are two pods of fish.

one roughly in the center of the ledge and the other towards the bottom right


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