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Here are the download links to the HumFinder SI Target Image(s) Viewer/Tracks/Coverage software
(Older HumFinder versions v. and  v. (1024x768) are no longer available.)
(for at least 1280x768 screen resolution)
(for at least 1024x768 screen resolution)
(a brief Installation and Operating .pdf guide)

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LabView Runtime Engine

HumFinder is programmed with National Instruments LabView programming language which is used extensively in instrumentation and measurement areas. In order to run HumFinder one needs to install LabView Runtime Engine 2009. It can be downloaded from
Download and run installation program: LVRTE90min.exe

LabView runtime can also be downloaded from

I recommend installing the LabView Runtime Engine before installing HumFinder. I also recommend using default folders with instalments. (I haven’t tested instalment to other folders).


Test environment

I have tested HumFinder in the following environment:
Windows XP Professional SP2, SP3
Windows Vista Business
Humminbird 798ci SI, firmware 4.510, 4.780

Google Earth v. 5.1.3533.1731

With Windows Vista and propanly with Windows 7, one needs to give read and write permissions to the file C:\Program Files\HumFinder\HumFinder.ini for the current user. Without write permission an error message is given when exiting and user interface settings are not saved.
There is no help file available at the moment, but short “Tip Script” is shown when user places cursor over a control.


General Information

Default Humminbird Folder and file names must used for the records i.e.
In other case the HumFinder won’t find those recordings.

Position format, longitude and latitude

The following formats can be used:

[+,-]ddd[°].dddddd[N,S]      Degrees
[+,-]ddd[°] mm.mmmm['][N,S,W,E]   Degrees and Minutes
[+,-]ddd mm['] ss.ssss["][N,S,W,E]   Degrees, Minutes and Seconds

Notice correct decimal separator: dot (.) in United States, Canada, Australia etc.  Comma(,) in Europe... According to your PC settings.
Same format can be used in Google maps and Google Earth.


Change history:

HumFinder v.
Initial release

HumFinder v.,   v. (1024x768)


- Corrected bug, which prevented SI beam coverage area (swath) to be shown in minus (-) longitudes and latitudes.

HumFinder v. 2.0

New Features

- Display user selectable SI images of target area
     - Aspect ratio correction is used (vertical dimensions correlates with horizontal ones, with certain limitations)
     - Independently zoomable SI images
     - SI Images are pannable when zoomed
     - Image windows are resizeable
     - SI image color is user selectable
     - Measuring tool for measuring dimensions, object height estimation
     - Image copying, saving possibilities


- Search radius extended to 100 000 feet (30 000km). With 3000ft (1000m) and above only SI tracks are shown
- Abort button added to cancel search on time consuming operations
- Automatic comma separated position (Lat, Lon) tracking from clipboard. Can be used for example with HumViewer
- New position formats added
     [+,-]ddd[°] mm.mmmm['][N,S,W,E]
     [+,-]ddd mm['] ss.ssss["][N,S,W,E]
- Search speed is optimized (1.5x - 10x as compared to HumFinder v. 1.0 depending on search)
- Real target “hit” point recording time is shown

Bug Fixes

- Lat, Lon controls were multiline types causing erratic operation in if "enter" was pressed while editing values
- Tracks were limited to 25 different types causing error if exceeded, now max. is 125

Known Limitations

- Tested only in very limited environment

   Windows XP Professional SP2, SP3
   Windows Vista Business
   Humminbird 798ci SI, firmware 4.510, 4.780
   Google Earth v. 5.1.3533.1731
   LabView Runtime Engine 2009 (LVRTE90min.exe)

- Cannot handle position formats starting with N,E,S,W
- Target cursor max. number 50, 125 different tracks can be handled. ("Tracks only" mode has 1 different track)
- Google Earth position tracking won't work if HumFinder is maximized by user since "Show in Google Earth” operation.
- Google Earth will occasionally give "installation" messages when opened by HumFinder - these can be cancelled by user.
- If boat speed is very high, position information and SI data don't go apparently "hand in hand" causing shift in "hit" point




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