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I have a Matrix 97 Combo with transducer and GPS AR-16, bought in 2007 SerialNr attached PIC and following problem. I had registerd the unit on the old webside, but with the new webside i am not registered anymore. Trying to re register don't work and the unit has following problem.
On the self test the unit says that the GPS is not connected. I brought it to a technichian and he said may be a software Update fix it. But as i cannot register i cannot get a Software Update. is there any option that you can send me the file email.
Thanks Max

Welcome to the Humminbird Side Imaging Forums Max.

Call the Humminbird Customer resource folks to get the registration figured out.

If you just want the software for the Matrix 97 I can send it to you.  The last version released for the Matrix 97 was 4.750.  If your unit is already running this version it will not load again unless you first load an older version and then the 4.750 version again.

I don’t know that loading a new version of software will help though and would encourage you to do some trouble shooting before loading any software.  If you can find someone else that has a Humminbird unit that is also using an GR16 GPS Receiver, you can try cross-testing with them.  This does not have to be another Matrix 97 unit as we made many models that use the same power cable and GR-16 GPS Receiver.  You will know it is a GR16 GPS Receiver due to the dark gray gasket between the upper and lower housings and the printing on top will read: “GPS ACCESSORY SYSTEM” under “HUMMINBIRD”.

You should also take the black plastic cap off the second cable that comes out of the connector for the GPS Receiver.  This is the NMEA pigtail wire.  Once you remove the black plastic cap separate the three wires and test the unit again.  If it starts working it means that the wires were shorted.  Either way, cut/trim and seal the wires back so that they do not short out.


for sure the 4570 Version is not installed so please send it. No other Humminbirs around this area so i want to try with the updated software.The one installes is a 2.... or 3....., did also the cavle trick with the PIN and not worked so please send me the update
Cheers Max

On its way to you max to your listed e-mail address!
Coming via TransferBigFiles.com

Got it, thanks will let you know what happenes.
Cheers Max


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