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Does anyone know if a unit with a navionics bundle can have the internal maps updated or changed or are these  internal maps not accessable.

Welcome to the forum!

The Internal maps cannot be updated (as of right now).  You can certainly purchase new charts and they will overide the NVB.

It would be nice if HB would offer this as an upgrade.  Most people would pay to have the latest charts on their NVB.


Hi Robert
Thanks for the prompt reply and yes it would be nice if HB did this.
it would also free up the SD card slot on a single slot unit if you could overwrite the map data with maps from what ever location you happen to be in

                     Cheers Scott


I have had my 1197c NVB for almost a year.  As I understand my unit has 2006 NVB software.

I am sorry that I purchased this unit with NVB, because it takes up memory space and I have purchase a Navionics Hotmaps card.  This way I can update to the latest chip when I want. 

Unfortunately Navionics does not publish which lakes have been updated with each new release.




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