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998c HD SI showing lake turnover and grainy noise throughout


I sped up the video just so it wasn't a huge file but it still turned out to be a large file.
Oh well.

Please help me keep my sanity, there are angled lines which has been concluded to be the lake turnover.
There is also a lot of noise making the signals look indiscernible. 
Didn't catch a single fish on this trip. threw everything at them targeting walleye. 
When I DO catch fish, I don't see them on sonar at all so what gives?

link did not work for me. anyone else??  can you try it again

998C SI recording

oh, duh! left the periods in there. should have read the how to better.
thanks locdown.

the clip was running fast but it seems that you are getting alot of interference from prop wash.  when you slowed it looked to be less.  you may have already tried this but angle the motor up more to see if this lessons the interference some.  a px of your ducer set up would help as well so we can see its relation to the motor or other things that could be causing interference.


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