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How to Embed Videos in Your Post. (YouTube, Flikr, Vimeo and others)


Now you can post links to most any video and it will automatically embed the video in the post.  

There are two ways to do this.

For YouTube videos, you will need to use the YouTube BBC button under the Change Color drop-down menu.  You will need to copy and paste the YouTube Video Code between the [.youtube][/youtube] BBC.  The YouTube link will look like this: ""  The Video Code is the last part of the url kbR3gAw9jUY.  

Your YouTube BBC code should end up looking like this (without the period)   [.youtube]kbR3gAw9jUY[./youtube]

For most other Videos, just copy the link to the video and paste it in your post.  It must be at the begining of line and not in the middle of a sentence or have any quotes or characters before it.  All of the most popular video sites are supported as well as many others.  Post your video link and give it a try!

Since there are characters in front of this link it will only show as a link. Treasure Divers Looking for Gold on a Spanish Galleon

But put it at the begining of a line and it embeds it like below.

Treasure Divers Looking for Gold on a Spanish Galleon

Here is a list of the Most Popular Sites.  Dozens more will also work!
  YouTube*    YouTube (Playlists)    Dailymotion  
  Google Video    MetaCafe    Veoh  
  Vimeo    Apple Trailers**  
  Bebo*    Brightcove network    ESPN  
  Facebook*    Flickr*    GameSpot  
  IGN    Imeem (Video)*    ImageShack  
  JustinTV    Kewego network*    MegaVideo  
  MSN Live/Soapbox    MySpace    Photobucket  
  TinyPic    Truveo*    Yahoo Video*  


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