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587 ci ?


I purchased a HB 587 sonar/gps internal antenna for use on our new electrofishing boat, which is a 20' flat bottom aluminum with a hull extension and 90 yamaha four stroke.  I did all the rigging on the boat from engine install to all wiring for the boat and electrofishing equipment; even an exhaust system extension for the generator to get fumes and heat out of the boat.  I mounted the sonar unit the best I knew how, and when we finally got a chance to test the boat on Friday, everything worked great, except for a little spray coming in the boat from the transducer, which I can fix easily with some electrical tape.  The unit held bottom at speeds up to 35 mph, and was very clear.  It is only 320 x 240 resolution, but that is more than adequate for our use.  We mostly use the depth and gps functions.
My question for anyone that has this unit or the 597, is whether there are any software upgrades for it?  I haven't registered it on the HB site yet, but will probably do so in order to get any upgrades.  Thanks in advance for any replies.

What is the current version software you have installed?  I can look it up and check on it, I just dont know if its any newer than what you have.


Thanks, Robert.  I'll have to wait and check it on Tuesday when I get back to work.  I don't remember right now.

Robert, I went ahead and registered the unit; no current updates are shown for it.  Thanks all the same.


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