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Are there different software downloads for US and International versions, or is it that there is only one version of the software per model type, and that the unit itself sets (at a low firmware level) whether it is a US or International version. 

Is there no way to get a US unit to bring up (sensible) SI units (degC, Metres depth and km) that most scientists and the rest of the World work in ? 


Jolly Roger:
Hi Greg and welcome to the forum!
This issue has been discussed a lot of times and the answer to your question is NO.
There is no way to turn a US version into an international version with metric measurements.

Check this here:

The software downloads are the same, so there is no chance to choose between the domestic and international software. The decision of a unit being international or domestic is programmed into the basic firmware.

Sorry to bring the bad news just before Christmas.

Regards from snowcovered Germany

Thanks for clearing that up Harry. I knew you would set us straight.... lol... Snow covered here as well in Maryland!

OK, bad news, but thanks. 
I could'nt find the earlier discussion thread. 

Having checked a few other brands, only HB seems to do this.  I asume that its a market protection issue, discouraging importation of US units to countries where HB distributors are having higher cost structures (i.e. typically charging 2 x that of the US). 

On the technical side, presumably Humminbird could make the software work around the firmware if they wanted to.   

Jolly Roger:

--- Quote from: wizzo86 on December 19, 2009, 10:48:21 AM ---Snow covered here as well in Maryland!

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I just watched the news over here and the weather at your east coast looks really bad.
Last night we had -17 Celsius. Not bad, even our little mill creek froze up.
I use the chance and get further on with my engine. Got the block back last week and started to assamble the motor. Worked until 2:00 a. m. Sunday morning.

Now I have to wait for the head gasket to finish the job. Polished all the brass and copper parts, so this thing will look really kick butt just from the look. I'll post some picts as soon as it's finished.



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