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Ice Flasher Series Image and Specifications


Ice Flasher Series Image and Specifications

ICE 45 - Ice Fishing Flashers
The ICE 45 uses 3-color fiber optic flasher with a center dial LCD display engineered for peak performance in temperatures as cold as -20F. The LCD includes digital depth and allows the flasher to automatically adjust the depth scale, eliminating the guesswork and estimation of depth scale overlays.

Two Year Warranty.

Selectable Dual Frequency
240 kHz / 19 @ -3dB
455 kHz / 9 @ -3dB
Depth: 200 ft.
Power Output
225 Watts (RMS)
1800 Watts (PtP)

Display Type: 526 Segment Flasher & LCD center
Display Colors/Grayscale: 3 Color Fiber Optic & Monochrome LCD
Selectable Dual Frequency
Sonar Coverage: 240 kHz / 19 @ -3dB    455 kHz / 9 @ -3dB
Target Separation: 2-1/2 inch
Power Output (RMS): 225 Watts (RMS)
Power Output (Peak to Peak): 1800 Watts (PtP)
Backlight: Yes
Waterproof: Yes
Power Input: 12V 7Ah battery & charger included


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