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Next HB software release


I hear the January Humminbird software release for SI units (except the 797) will contain:

Down Imaging

Switchfire Sonar

Lakemaster compatibility

Waypoint Management

Enhanced GPS response

Sounds like it is going to be a good release. ;D

I am definitely looking forward to the Waypoint management and faster GPS response time.  I have been told that it will update about 4 times per second.


I'm not so sure that all of those new features will wait until January...  ;)

Will the 798 and 788 be included in the upgrades? ;D

I have heard that all of these features will be available for the 798 units.
The 788 units do not have Si sonar capability so they will not get the Down Imaging capability but should get all of the rest.  In there was a software update for the 788c units (not 788ci or the NVB versions) released to the Humminbird web site last Friday that added the improved GPS/Chart response, LakeMaster card capability and the new 2D sonar color palettes.


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