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I have put the 6.180 in the downloads for the 1198, 1197 and the 998.
You will see both the 6.180 and the long name in the downloads for the time being.

As far as the name the unit knows nothing. It will see a .BIN file on the sd card and then open the file. From there it will determine if the file is for this unit and at what level.

You could call the file anything you want. but to be able to keep track of level release the unit type and release identifier seems a good way to know what is what..

Let me know of any problems with the downloads from this site.


?? - Is there any way to pc connect into an 1198 that has the start loop loading problem?  Tried to connect and even reload from SD but the unit loops before I can select load software from the green menu... more history below

I have an interlink problem - after updating to the latest update version. 6.180 the start up loop started happening to my 1198.  It was fine and the problem was with the 997..See 997c problem after update... but after getting the 997 back from HB I put it on the netwotk and things went south

After endless effort to resolve the 997 problem HB kindly took it back and checked it out, they said it had corrupt waypoints which was causing the crash.  I got the 997c back from HB with instructions to set it up. I deleted all corrupt waypoints, there were several, and corupt no-named routes, tracks and waypoints.  As soon as I did the step which required locking the waypoints, both units, the 997 and the 1198, rebooted and went into the unending start loop.  I was able to go back into the 997c with the View/power button startup progam sequence and then reloaded from humminbird PC, back one version then updateing to the current . The 997 now works but no way will I connect it to the interlink with this software version. I can tell you that the interlink was totally erased so nothing corupt on it.  HB thought that perhaps the interlink is bad but it worked fined with the earlier version software. 

calli1: this a updated 6.180 .....better with the kinks worked out from the first release ?

Calli1...the 6.180 and the long name are the same code except for the 898.
6.180 and the long name starting with aeb are the same and are the correction to the long name starting with 407 which had issues.....
I hope that HB will go back to the old way of identifying code releases so we can know what is what and for which...

Just got off the phone the HB,,, the 1198 and the interlink headed back to them. Apprerntly there is no way to get into the programming 1198 like you can with the 998.


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