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Updating Software in InterLinked units

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Something you may want to add if loading version 5.84 on unit 1 and a lower version on unit 2.
Version 5.84 has Icons that are not available on the lower versions. If you share a way-point with   
one of the new icons it will not show on unit 2.

This is true Ddorriety.  The unit with the older (non-waypoint management) software will also not have the waypoint groups as well.

Another point is that either both units would need to be running 5.320 of newer software OR both units would need to be running software older than version 5.320 not a combination of one newer and one older.  Im sure that as newer software and features become available that they would apply as well.

Question:  if you have multiple units (more than 2) connected to interlink do you follow the similar steps

Would this be the steps below to add all units?

Disconnect all 4 units from the Interlink.
 - Perform a software update in all 4 units.
 - Reconnect the #1 unit that was plugged into the Port 1 connector on the InterLink, directly to the InterLink again.
 - Power the #1 unit on and allow it to update the InterLink.  Be sure to set it to participate in the InterLink system the way you want it to.
 - Power the #1 unit off and reconnect the #2, #3, #4 units.
 - Power all units on and set the #2, #3, #4 units to participate in the InterLink the way you want it to.  All Units should now be working and you should be getting GPS on All units.
 - Reload you Nav data but only after opening it in the HumminbirdPC program and uploading it to the SD memory card once again.
 - Power both units off and reconnect

Comparing to Greg's instructions in post #1 - your assumption sounds right  ... (Very few users still use Interlink)  ...

You can always call HB and confirm  ... 1-800-633-1468


Thanks Rickie!   What do you mean very few users still use interlink (Ethernet hub???)


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