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Updating Software in InterLinked units

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If you are trying to update the software in your InterLinked units, tey the following:

- Start by saving the Nav Data (waypoints, tracks and routes) from both units.  Save the Nav data from each unit if it is different or just from one unit if both units share all Nav data.  This Nav data needs to be saved to your computer.  Before reinstalling this Nav data at the end of this procedure; you need to open it up in the HumminbirdPC program and re-save it to your computer as a *.gpx file and than upload it to the SD memory card again.  We have seen where there has been corrupted Nav data that cause the InterLink not to work properly.
 - Delete the Nav Data off of the SD memory card so that it is blank.
 - Delete the Nav Data from both units and the InterLink.
 - Disconnect both units from the Interlink and WeatherSense.
 - Perform a software update in both units.
 - Reconnect the unit that was plugged into the Port 1 connector on the InterLink, directly to the InterLink again.
 - Power this unit on and allow it to update the InterLink.  Be sure to set it to participate in the InterLink system the way you want it to.
 - Power this unit off and reconnect the second unit.
 - Power both units on and set the second unit to participate in the InterLink the way you want it to.  Both units should now be working and you should be getting GPS on both units.
 - Reload you Nav data but only after opening it in the HumminbirdPC program and uploading it to the SD memory card once again.
 - Power both units off and reconnect your WeatherSense accessory and power back on the unit that the WeatherSense is connected to and give it a few minutes to update it as well.  Do not have this unit connected to the InterLink at this time.  Once completed (give it five minutes) you should be able to reconnect everything the way it was originally and all should work.

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