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997cSI Images and Specifications

The 997 units now come with the GR50 GPS Receiver.  This started back in about August of 2008.

Mark Saikaley:
Is the 997 C SIside and down imaging quality as good as the 998?  i have a 997 Csi with the 50 channel GPS and the latest (well as of August 2011) software
Im wondering because I dont seem to get the same structure quality as Ive seen with some other models posted images

It should be.  Try posting some screen snapshots along with the unit settings and boat speed that you used to make them under a new topic in this section of the web site.  Iím sure that many will provide you with some changes to the menu settings that could be used to improve the images you are seeing.  Oh, might want to include a picture or two of how you have the transducer mounted too.

Mark Saikaley:
okay, I had posted some on the 998 site as I was expressing envy of some of those images but will post some up here as well. I just don't find that I'm getting that much more detail than on my regular 997 sonar images in terms of revealing things which I am unable to resolve definitively on the regular sonar. I mean if I see some structure in the traditional screens and then switch to the side or down image to get a definitive answer I find I am no closer to identifying what I'm looking at. Yet I see evidence of better images on these pages.  also in comparing my images with images shown for the Lowrance images on-line I find mine don't measure up to the Lowrance. So I wondered if the fact they use a separate transducer makes their structure scan superior?

Anyway I will post some different conditions. The speed is displayed on the images, but if not the speed is usually between 1 mph and 3 mph  and I don't think any of the captured images are above 3 mph, if so definitely below 4 mph

I don't have an image of my mount at this time as the boat is in storage but I removed my factory installed Lowrance speed sensor to I could place the 997 transducer in the most ideal location and followed the instruction's exactly for location and installation. It is located on a 17 ft Sylvan expedition sport aluminum boat the recommended distance away and to the "right" of the 115 yamaha outboard. There are no obstructions in the 180 area and the transducer is level and the bottom edge of the boat intersects the transducer at 50% (IE 50% of the transducer is below the bottom of the boat (given there is a very slight angle on the boat bottom and I selected the area with least rivets however there are staggered rivets as well on the boat so I took the best location all factors and recommendations considered.  The other transducer from the factory installed Lowrance is on the opposite side and is a small transducer and is never in use at the same time and I just kept it installed as back up but didn't bother reinstalling the speed sensor as I have GPS speed anyway.  There is nothing else attached to the transom and no other motors other than the main


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