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Thru-Hull tranducer for 1197cx si

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Hi All,

We are about to fix a thru-hull transducer in our Aluminum v-shaped bottom 50 feet boat. This boat has twin 550 hsp inboard and thus we think transom mount is not an option. I will to post a pic showing the propellers of the engines. I have few questions:
1) Is the plastic "XPTH 9 HDSI 180 T"  the correct transducer for the 119zxc si? Is there a bronze/metal  one available?
2) The boat stays almost all year in the water, it is almost a 14 ton boat, how can we protect and maintain the transducer from sea growth like algae and other harder growth? It is quite a lot here (in the Arabian gulf- Dubai, United Arab Emirates) due to the warm water. Can we apply antifouling on it without affecting the end picture quality?
3) The boat is V-shaped and it easies at back of the boat where the big engines are where we intend to fix the thru-hull transducer, would the engine vibration affect the quality of the image/returns?

I appreciate your immediate answers since the boat is being dry docked this week.

Best Regards,
Thani Alzaffin

Jolly Roger:
Marhaba Thani,

I think a single transducer on a deep V hull will be tricky to install to get clear shots to both sides.
I would rather go for a dual transducer solution with a splitter cable.

Concerning the algae and other stuff, I would not apply antifouling. The picture quality will suffer from it.

I would also try to avoid any vibrations as far as possible.

Marsalama and Greetings from Germany

We'll be trying 2 tru hull transducers on a single propped 38 ft inboard Offshore Procharter with a 1197 head.
System is expected to arrive early august.
Trying wil not start earlier than half august.


Hi guys Marhaba :)

Thank you for the replies. I really appreciate your input. I have to get this transducer fixed correctly and it is one in a year opportunity for me. I am posting few pics to show where I am suggesting to fix a one transducer on this v-hull. The plan is to make a bulge/projection so the transducer lies horizontally and not obstructed by the hull. The best location is just in front of another sounder - Furuno ch-250. This seems to be the best location hence the back half of the boat is cluttered with other projected objects - see pic please where I put a yellow polygon to show the place. 
Do you think this will work? Or do I really need two separate transducers - one on each side?

But now I am faced with the other worry: will the other furuno sounder interfere with the SI sounder?

awaiting your replies eagerly.

Jolly Roger:
Hi Thani,
hm, looks pretty complicated.
Using a bulge/projection will certainly give you clear shots to both sides, but getting the transducer adjusted will be the challenging part to do.
I understand that you want to use the Furuno as well, right?
That might cause interferences if the Furuno uses the same frequencies as the HBird.

Can you post a picture of the stern of the boat?
Maybe a twin ducer and a splitter cable solution at the stern might be a better solution.

Regards from Lake Constance


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