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Fish overboard, should it be FOB, not MOB button?


Piscivorous Pike:
All fish stories are believable, honest!
Rats, at least I did one thing correct.  Could have hit the MOB but instead hit and marked a new waypoint on that strike.  It felt significantly different, I was fishing pike and it hit, it was big and only 13 feet of water that dropped down a shute to 90 feet and using the 798si in side image I found the depression and was fishing it. So slight but enough of a feature it was the path to deep water for some of the creatures.

The wind was severe and I was far enough from shore only a GPS waypoint would get me back so I motored up and started the drift again onto the waypoint.

This time I hooked up to a Lake Trout that was 25-30 pounds, largest I ever hooked up.  I could not fold it into my net!  Struggling with the net I got the rapala caught in the netting and dumped the fish out and eventually tore the lure out of its mouth and flipped him back in!  I was trying to net him, hold the boat and rod at the same time.  Moments like this I could have used a buddy.  He is still there!  A growing huge menace to the Bull Trout community, which by the way on the next pass I landed one Bull about 6 pounds.  Kind of anti-climatic.   I love Montana.

This guys started at 80 feet but by two days later hovered at 160.  Could see them quite well on the 798 2D view.

Jolly Roger:

--- Quote from: Piscivorous Pike on June 23, 2009, 05:42:31 PM ---All fish stories are believable, honest!

That's a good one, I'm still laughing!

Seriously, these are nice fish, congratulations!

Tight lines!

--- End quote ---


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