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I have had my 1197c for about three weeks (on the water twice) and have been reading the forums since December.  I have found without the unit available to play with, my knowledge base is very limited.

I have downloaded as much of the software on SI that I could find.  Some of it is difficult to use or understand and what it is used for and its value.  I am not new to computers I took my first computer classes in 1970 and have a degree in Electronic Data Processing (that is what it was called in the 70's), but I sure feel dumb what trying to understand how to use some of these programs. 

I recognize that it is difficult to document/write user friendly instructions and we all read differently, so instructions that are easy for some are difficult for others.  I prefer to see documents in a bullet point format, I have found that instructions in a paragraph format tend to ramble and I lose my train of thought missing what the author is trying to convey.  Also, I have found the few people will question instructions and/or documents because they do not want to appear to be dumb.   

I would like to see a summary of the each of the available software, what they do and how to use them.  I do thank you for YellowFin so far it is the only software I have found to be useful, I am sure I will use others as I learn more about them.


If you are using YellowFin successfully, it may be all you need.  Basically it will view the converted HB sonar files and play them back similar to how the Humminbird does.  You can export images and mark waypoints with YellowFin.  It also has the ability to record a segment of the file to .872 or xtf. 

Matt Norwoods SI View is also viewer.  It cuts the sonar recording up into images that you can click on for a larger view.  SI View also has waypoint marking and you can also export the track of the recording for import in programs like Dr Depth.

Deep View is a free viewer that will read Humminbird files, xtf files, or the .dvs files that the HBSI converter puts out also.

I hope I answered a little bit of your questions there.

Good Luck,


Thanks Bob,

Yellow Fin works great, and makes it easy to search thru the SI data.

I really find it frustrating knowing that there is a lot of information recorded on the SDHC cards and aside from the Side Imaging, the only way to review the information is us the HB unit which is slow and you cannot do a search.  I do hope that at some point someone will develop software to look at the data as if you were on the unit.  I do not understand why HB has not done this, they have already developed most of the software logic and should be able to sell the software gaining more profit.  I find that I will need to keep my recording to less then 30 minutes for reviewing purposes. 

You mentioned that you can "mark waypoints" using Yellowfin.  Could you explain what you mean by that?  I see that when I move my cursor around using Yellowfin it gives me the coordinates, but is there a way to actually mark a waypoint?  It would be awesome to mark waypoints with the Yellowfin and then be able to export those to a card and insert that card to the Humminbird unit to upload.

There is an update to YellowFin that most people probably don't know about that has the waypoint marking feature.  Its not posted on the YellowFin website for some reason.  I am going to download it to my server and make sure it doesn't go away.

YellowFin Install Download

YellowFin 2.04 Update Download

You should do the full install first, then do the update.

Let me know if there is any problems.  The full install link may be down, but I think you can use the one posted on the YellowFin website as well.

Good Luck,



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