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QuadraBeam Trolling Motor Transducer

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What model QuadraBeam Transducer do I need for my Trolling for my 1197c?


You would need the XTM-9-QB-90-T

Trolling Motor Mount Transducer Quadra Beam transducer, 200/83/455 kHz. 20/60/40 degrees with built-in temperature. 15' Cable.

Thanks Robert,

Another question, I have the switch for the two transducers which was used for the SI TM transducer.  I am concerned about this switch since it does not "click" in place when switching, it is like silent switches, is this normal or do I have a faulty switch?


Try backing off the rubber boot a little.  If it is too tight on the toggle it will prevent it from moving far enough to “click”.  We have also had reports that when the boots are new that they are stiffer and so will free up and allow the switch to “click” after some use.

Hi Greg,

The only way I get a definite tactile click is when the boot is totally off of the threads.  I have tried threading and clicking from the just on to fully tight.  I could slit the boot but this will hurt the waterproofing.  The boot is shallow and the toggle is pushed through a tight hole in the boot.  Any thoughts on how I should approach this?  I do like to feel it clicking into place to know that it is in place.

Another questions the pics of the XTM 9 QB 09 T appears that the transducer is glued on to the bottom of the trolling motor!  Is this correct?  I am not interested in gluing anything to the bottom of my trolling motor.




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