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Wacky Worm O-Rings Cheap FYI

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Bob B:
Wayne, I think you are going to get a lot of interest on this....maybe post more detail here to save time. ;)

Jolly Roger:
Right Bob!

I'm wondering what you two guys are actually talking about. Wacky Worm??

Regards / (curious) Harry

   Instead of using needle nose pliers, try this.
   Get a 5" piece of PVC pipe ( 3/8ths " ?) that the worm will slid into.
   At home where it's warm,dry and the wind isn't blowing 50 MPH slip
   about a dozen O rings on the pipe. When you need to attach one,
   slid the worm part way into the pipe, slip the O ring onto the worm, remove the worm.

i was wondering like you about this stuff. Seems like a Wacky Worm is a plastic worm, good for fishing bass. Also i was curious why this worm seems to be that common in the states so i took a look at youtube:
  Wacky Rigging with an O-Ring
  Hogy Lures Wacky Rigging

I think the success of that bait is based on the weight and the nature of bass. Bass are usually not just "biting", they're inhaling the water around their target. This light lure might be perfectly inhaled by bass (even better than a real worm) and they might be easier catched this way. To be honest i don't think its that common in germany / europe.

Oh and btw, i think this thread might be better placed in fishing section ? :)

Greetings and a happy new year to all of you!!

Jolly Roger:
OK Del,
now I see what this is all about and to be honest, I've never seen this before. When I used to fish for eel, I just ran the hook through the worm, "anchored" it with 30 Gramm of lead on the bottom of the lake and waited.
Very interesting to see this new trick. Thanks for the tip Wayne and George!

Regards / Harry


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