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Wacky Worm O-Rings Cheap FYI

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I have used the pen trick, but it is something else to keep track of, needle nose pliers are always on my deck and it is simple to use.  It is one less thing that I need to keep track of. 

I was not expecting this to be a discussion on wacky worms since it is already on this forum (someplace).  I was just passing on information on where to purchase cheap o-rings, although the shipping rate is on the high side.  If anyone has other place to purchase these cheaper please let us know.

Can someone move this to the fishing section, I missed it when looking for it?


Jolly Roger:

--- Quote from: Del on January 01, 2011, 04:29:02 AM ---Oh and btw, i think this thread might be better placed in fishing section ? :)

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Wayne P.:
Thanks to George for the pdf file,  here is my weedless wacky rig article:

As enticing as the lure looks in that video, twitching it like that is usually not best.

Most strike come when doing little or nothing with the wacky rig. Less is more and deadsticking is deadly. Just let it fall slow and hang on.

Oh and I get my o-rings here. $.03 each and $3.00 shipping



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