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Wacky Worm O-Rings Cheap FYI

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Hope this is the right place for this.

I was watching a fishing video of Alton Jones, he suggested going to: http://www.allorings.com/  for cheap O-Rings and to use needle nose pliers to open up the o-ring and to slip the worm through it. 

I check my worms and found I needed 3/16" and 1/4" ID o-rings.

I ordered the smallest amount of each which is 250 at a cost of $5.25 for 3/16" and $5.50 for the 1/4".  Shipping costs $12.38 which double the price but is still cheap compared to the others.

Bottom line was 23.38 for 500 o-rings, less then 5 cents a piece.


Wayne P.:
I don't and won't use O rings for wacky rigging. I rig them weedless with heat shrink tubing as shown on the left.


I have never seen Wacky Worms done that way, how long have you been doing it? 
How often do you use this method?
How are you shrinking the tubing?
It is really another interesting way to rig a worm, not sure that I would call it Wacky Worm since both ends are not free to float with motion.  It is a great idea, is this yours?

I been using the traditional wacky worm by placing the hook thru the center of the worm for the last year and very seldom snag up.   


Wayne P.:
I've been rigging it that way for 8 years. I fish a lot of timber filled waters and needed a finesse presentation along with a non-snagging rig to catch a lot of bass and lots of big bass. This rig has been the answer.
I have an article about the rigging and presentation if you are interested.
No I don't heat the tubing, it is a snug fit on Zoom finesse and Trick worms.
I probably use up around 500 plastic worms each year this way with catching 2000-2500 bass just with this presentation. All the bass I have caught over 9# have been with this rig and a finesse worm.


Thanks for the information via E Mail.

I agree that my biggest bass have been with finesse wacky worms.  I hope to give your method using shrink 1/4" tubing in the next few weeks.

Currently I am living in Southern California, my house is up for sale (bad timing) and soon expect to move to Oklahoma.

Thanks again



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