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icefishing with side imaging

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so if i got it with the 2d mode it would work for ice fishing?sorry im totally ignorent on the workings of it.i understand that it has to be moving but it seems like you should be able to capture the side view some how?

Wayne P.:
IF you think SI will help with ice fishing, then you can do what I do with my 798ci SI on the trolling motor. While setting still, I turn the motor very slowly to scan the area for fish or bottom features that may hold fish. Rotating the transducer simulates motion.
You would need to have the transducer on a pole of sorts to get it below the bottom of the ice so it can "see" off to the sides.
As far a using 2D, anything above the bottom will be just a straight line on the 2D screen unless it moves.
The problem with a LCR display is that only the first right vertical row of pixels will indicate what is in real time and all images to the left of that row is just history.
Some units have a simulated round flasher view that can be used just like a dedicated flasher. The 798ci SI is one of them. That unit also has a RTS column on the right side of the 2D screen that is somewhat of a flasher but a vertical bar.

ok that is what i was thinking was mount it on a pole of some kind with a directional thingamajig so i know where its pointing.i believe i can save images on a chip right?im just really looking for an advantage here and i thank you all for the help.keep the replys coming!

Wayne P.:
Yes, you can save snapshots on a SD card and also do a recording that can be played back on the unit or with free software on your computer.

Bob B:
Here's a rig someone made.   http://www.accuemap.com/Ice_fishing_with_Humminbird_997.html


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