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icefishing with side imaging

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FWIW: For the little ice fishing I do, I prefer the 2D screen with RTS set to wide.  The RTS is a straight line version of the flasher screen.  Not ever having a flasher, the circle format is more foriegn to me.   The 2D screen also provides X number of seconds of history.   It gives you a 2nd chance to see what a quick blip was.  It also provides rise and fall patterns for your jig.  And you also can see when a fish is staring at your bait.  You do get long horizontal lines, but you quickly know what is bottom and stationary structure.  As a new line appears you focus more on the width of the line vs length, to determine fish size.  Is it a perch or walleye.

If you go forward with SI and apparatus for searching, post back with your results and a few images. 


Two years ago a couple of us discussed and developed methods for sidescanning under ice here: http://www.xumba.scholleco.com/viewtopic.php?t=851
The aim was primarily to scan for wrecks, not fish, but perhaps an ice fisherman can learn something from that discussion. The full wreck-scanning technique is hardly practical when ice fishing, though.



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