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hey all new to the forum.i was wondering has anyone used theres for icefishing im looking at investing in one but not sure what model would be best.also trying to figure out the best way to set it up for icefishing.also anyone know of any videos that were made while using it icefishing i cant find anything on the web :-[thanks in advance for any help

Unfortunately for side-imaging, the transducer must be moving through the water to work.  It takes very small vertical slices and puts them together to form an image.  I'm not sure, but I think the down imaging is created from the side images so that too probably needs transducer movement through the water to work properly.  I've seen where if the transducer is stationary and a fish swims through the beam that it may show up on side-imaging.

I wouldn't think that side-imaging would be the best bet for ice-fishing, but I have seen people use sonar flashers for ice fishing.

I recently read that some of the new humminbirds will have a dedicated part of the transducer for down-imaging.  If this is so, then the down-imaging may be separate from the side-imaging and may work very well for ice-fishing.

I honestly don't know enough about it.  Hopefully somebody with more experience will chime in.

Best of luck.

Wayne P.:
The new DI units do not have Side Imaging but use the SI frequencies for that function (800 khz/455 khz) plus a single 2D frequency (200 khz)

For stationary fishing, a flasher unit is the best.

If you are just using it for ice fishing, agree with Wayne, a flasher is best.  SI and/or DI will not provide recognizable data being stationary.  If you plan to use this during the soft water months, then you might still want a SI/DI unit.   You could outfit it with a 2D transducer for ice fishing, and use the typical 2D screens with zoom, or the flasher screen mode.   With GPS, find and mark your favorite brush pile or other structure during the summer, and you can then hone in on them during the winter, with much less cutting of holes. 

thanks for the replys guys.i have a flasher and love it!i dont fish much on the softwater but would like to use the side imaging to save time on drilling a million holes.im fishing in alot of icefishing tournys and thought it would help finding weed lines and structure as most of the lakes ive never seen before.also i thought it would help with not spooking fish(drilling).


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