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Ideas to catch those walleyes


By: Bob Jensen, DL-Online

Walleye season is officially open all over the Midwest. Now that walleyes are fair game throughout walleye country, here are some things to keep in mind regarding walleyes.

After the spawn, walleyes are often thought of as fish that like to be near deeper structure. While it’s true that these glassy-eyed fish often can be found near rockpile and points and sunken islands and deep reefs, there are also times when they’ll be in the shallows. Walleyes, like any other fish, go where the food is. If their food is shallow, the walleyes will be shallow. If their food is deep, they’ll be deep.

Sonar is a critical tool for catching walleyes, especially when they’re deep. It works well to cruise deep areas with a close eye on the sonar. If you see signs of life on the sonar, fish the area. If there is no life, keep looking. This assumes you have the sonar properly tuned. If the sensitivity is set too low, you probably won’t see much. Humminbird sonar units are easy to tune and they draw a great picture of the underwater world. The side-imaging feature on some Humminbirds allows you to cover lots of water quickly in your search for walleyes.

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