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what does this do? 

It turns on and off a Time Variable Gain (TVG) filter.

After the unit transmits it will turn on the receiver at full power to show all of the possible sonar returns that it can.  This would be what you would basically see with the SwitchFire menu set to the Max Mode.

If instead of turning the receiver on at full power just after transmitting, you instead turn it on to full power over a period of time – and since time is distance in sonar – what you end up with is a receiver that varies its power (gain) over a distance of water (time).  This is what you have with the SwitchFire menu set to the Clear Mode setting.  It will filter out some of the signal from sonar returns that are close to the transducer.  This allows us to show a 3 pound bass with the same intensity signal at 5 feet deep as we would use at 30 feet deep.  We call this ‘normalizing’ the signal for depth.

That confuse anyone?

uhhh..ya :o

Hmmmm, okay.  Try reading the attached.
You just have to keep in mind that the SwitchFire menu was originally called the TVG menu.
TVG On = SwitchFire Clear Mode.
TVG Off = SwitchFire Max Mode.

After reading the pfd, it looks like the screen view is better with swithfire turned off.  Am I missing something?


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