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--- Quote from: Daniele_Mari on July 28, 2010, 10:09:45 AM ---You are too god to compete against me guys.

Congratulations for your snapshots.

--- End quote ---

Anybody can get great images from their Humminbird...if you understand that steady straight boat position, scroll speed near boat speed or slightly lower, SI Enhance in the off position will produce the crispest clearest images. Be thing is investing the time to go exploring what's under the water's surface.

And I see alot of images submitted that I'm more impressed with than my own. It's amazing what others are finding and I enjoy looking and trying to learn what's in the images. Amazing what everyone is finding all around the world.

Share some of your images and we will help you if your images needs some fine tuning. Here to help.

Hi Doug, How you doing ?
My shots are in this post.

I read what you wrote.

for the SI Enhance I had it set on the max position. Infact my shots are more grainy than Wayne shots. And after an afternoon of waves, my ducer wasn't lock anymore and I did' t realize it til I got back to the ramp.

However , I'm getting better.

I see your shots...I bet you turn the SI Enhance to OFF it will make them  crisp images. SI Enhance feature basically highlights each pixel with a strong return so it stands out. Since fish are strong returns it makes them so much easier to see but you sacrifice image crispness in doing so. Look at this post on BBC that I did some comparison images so  you can see the effects of SI Enhance - makes it easier to see the fish in the images but overall picture loses crispness.

I have already read that post, or another post you submittend on facebook.

Infact, I realized that as oon as I read that.

I usually read your report Doug.


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