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How do I download Software to my HB Unit using MMC/SD card?


How do I download Software to a MMC or SD card?

 Items Needed: SD Card SD Card Reader
Please read carefully before proceeding. 
You must RESTORE the defaults on your unit BEFORE you perform any software update
How to Restore Defaults: 
With the unit powered on, Press the MENU button twice to the main menu on the system. Then you press the RIGHT cursor until you get to the SETUP menu tab. Once you have reached the SETUP menu tab, use the DOWN cursor until you reach RESTORE DEFAULTS, you will then press the RIGHT cursor key to restore the defaults. To confirm press RIGHT cursor again. 
To update with an SD CARD 
1. Log into your account at – My Account (Or register if you have not already done so under the Support section)
2. On the MY PROFILE page you will see your unit listed, the serial number and Available Updates, the unit update will be listed as the UNIT NAME UPDATE (version”123”)
3. Click on the UNIT NAME UPDATE to start the process.
4. You will then get the download box telling you what is included with the update. You will then click on Begin Download.
5. You will get a pop up window – You must then indicate that you want the file SAVED TO the SD CARD. (The SD card may be listed as a removable disk, removable storage drive, SD). Do not modify the name of the file, then click on SAVE.
6. After the Download Complete dialog box appears - click CLOSE
7. Remove SD Card from the card reader.   
8. Power on your unit, then place the SD card in the unit.
9. You will get a message on the unit saying SOFTWARE NUMBER “123” is higher than your current “120” software do you want to update, Press Right Cursor to Confirm.
10. Another message will then appear saying do you want to ABORT, press Left Cursor to NO at this time and the software update will begin. DO NOT POWER OFF THE UNIT DURING THIS TIME. 
Once the update is complete the unit will restart and say current SOFTWARE NUMBER “123” installed, no update required. It is now safe to remove the SD Card, and power off the unit.

How to Update the Software on your Humminbird Side Imaging Unit


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