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How to Post New Events to the Calendar


Click Here to Post a New Event to the Calendar. 

Or you can use the methods described below to post events from the calendar view or link a current post to the calendar.

New Events can be posted to the Calendar by clicking on the "Calendar" link in the Main Menu at the top of the page.  Once you are in the Calendar you can post an event by clicking on the "Post Event" link at the bottom of the Calendar page.

*You can also go to the Month of the event and click on the number of the day of the event.  For example, if your event is October 1st, you can change the calendar to October and then click on the number "1" and it will start a "New Event Post" with the correct date already posted in the event.

If your event spans multiple days, you will need to set the event date to the start date and then change the option for "Number of Days".  This will show the event on each following day for x number of days.

Posted topics can also be manually linked o the Calendar by going to the bottom of the topic and clicking on the "Link to Calendar" button on the menu at the bottom.  This in essence is the reverse way to post an event, but will certainly work and links the topic and event together.

Also, please post a date and location in the Subject for display in the Upcoming Events Forum.  This is different than the event title.  The event title should include only the Event Name and is what will be displayed on the calendar view.

By default, the event post will appear in the Upcoming Events forum.  You can change this, but it is highly encouraged to leave this to the default to be able to monitor all the events under one forum.  The events displayed in the calendar is a clickable link and will take you directly to the post with the event information.




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