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Not sure if this belongs in the General Discussion or under specific units.

Is there a recommended 110v power adapter for the SI units?

If so what is the safest way to make one up and what components are needed?

I would guess there are some electronic engineers out there that could match the proper power converter to the units.

I believe we need: an HB power cable and an in-line fuse (or maybe 2 one for each side), leaving the power supply to be spec'd out.

If someone in the know has a recommendation please go through the process of setting up and testing the supply system.

Thanks, George


Each unit (1197, 997, 797, etc) has different power consumption requirements.  The 1197c draws just over 1A.  To be safe, a 12v 2A switching or regulated power supply will work for all units with the appropriate inline 3A fuse recommended.  I purchased a new Power Cord PC-11 , $14 from Humminbird and the 12v 2A PS from , $19.

You will need solder or crimp some connections, making sure you connect the positive and negatives correctly.

Good Luck,


Thanks Bob,

It is better to be safe then sorry, I will purchase a power supply from Digikey. 


I saw on E-bay the power supply that retail outlets use to run their displays for in the store.  I did not have my HB yet so just wished I could find one for my Lowrance unit.  Now that I have the HB I cannot find the things anymore! They looked slick, had connectors to plug right into the back of the units, and into a wall outlet on the other.  Might poke around there once or twice.  You might get lucky and find one of those, cant believe they dont sell them to us.

The e-bay web address I have for this guy comes up that it was pulled from the web site.  Maybe he sold them all?

We use a different type power supply system for display units now.  We cannot sell them or the ones you saw due to FCC regulations.


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