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Treasure Hunters Cookout


Florida professional treasure hunters are having their second annual cookout in Orlando on May 22. Address, phone number and details can be viewed here:,314445.0.html
Most of the pros use Humminbird side imaging units to search for shipwrecks and cannons. Last year we had treasure hunters from all over the southeast attend. The food was great with barbeque chicken and baby back ribs. The cookout is open to anyone interested in shipwrecks and treasure hunting.

Jolly Roger:
what's the next international airport around there? Miami?

Regards / Harry

Orlando International Airport. Let me know your flight number and I'll pick you up. Don't book a room, you can spend the night at John's house. Wir sprechen Deutsch!
RGecy was there last year. He is in the middle with a mouth full of ribs.

Certainly was a good time!  I brought a little Sweet Tea Vodka from South Carolina to get those guys a little loose so they would tell all their secret spots!  ;D

I am going to try to make it again.


Had a GREAT cookout. About 40 people showed up. We had baby back ribs, barbeque chicken, hot dogs, hamburgers and Applachicola Bay oysters. Maybe the last of them.


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